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At BAKERY HILL DENTAL we are committed to making affordable dental services available to all of our patients. Generally any payment for treatment is due on the day. At your first visit “consultation/initial checkup” make sure to take the following steps:

1. Bring your card Private Health fund (if you have one). The HICAPS terminal accepts all insurance companies and health funds in Australia. This means your health fund will pay for a portion of the treatment and you just need to pay the “GAP” payment. As different people have different policies and different levels of cover we encourage everyone to bring in their cards to their first appointment we can swipe it and do a “HICAPS Quote” to give you an indication of exactly how much your health fund is contributing to your treatment and what is the remaining amount that needs to be paid.

2. Bring your Medicare card (only for children under 17 years old who are eligible for the Child Dental Benefit Scheme). Simply bring in your medicare card and we can validate what amount if remaining for dental treatment for your child. The benefits from the scheme are capped at $1,000 per child over 2 consecutive calendar years, and can be used at any point during this period.

3. Payment Plans set up. The quotation that is generated or your Treatment plan will have all the costs broken down into Appointments. So appointment 1 will cost X then appointment 2 will cost Y etc. If you are able to pay on the day of the appointment or simply space out the appointments to make it easier than you can book in your appointments accordingly. Otherwise if you are unable to pay on the day then it is important to setup some form of payment plan for yourself. We have 3 options available: Afterpay & Zip Money both of which require an app to be downloaded on your phone and registration. After this is done you simply tap your phone at the end of the appointment. We also have Denticare which is specifically for Dental payment plans which can be setup at front reception by filling a form.




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