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Diet and Oral Health

As healthcare providers, we as dental hygienists at BHD, help improve patients’ oral and systemic health through education. A medical history review, oral examination, and nutritional assessment enable us to identify behaviors or components of a patient’s diet that cause or contribute to oral disease.

For healthy teeth, food and drinks should be free of added sugar whenever possible.
Tooth decay (dental caries) is a diet-related disease. Sugars in food and drinks cause the bacteria in the plaque on your teeth and produce acids. These acids attack the outer layers of the tooth (tooth enamel).

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What you can do to help maintain healthy teeth:

Limit the intake of sugary drinks and juices and try to consume them during meal times rather than between meals.

  • Choose healthy snacks such as fresh fruit, vegetable sticks, natural yoghurt, plain popcorn, soups or cheese.
  • Remaining food residues on your teeth can contribute to tooth decay.
  • Cut down the sugar added to cups of tea and coffee.

Could the delays in treatment and gap in dental education lead to a worsening oral health crisis?

Dental health is absolutely essential to your overall physical as well as psychological health. Keeping the mouth and teeth healthy helps in enhancing social interaction and builds self-esteem — apart from enabling nutrition of the physical body.
Dental caries is a relatively chronic disease and the early stages are entirely reversible, but it is still important for people to get back into routine dental care.
Delays in dental visits for those with poor periodontal conditions (e.g. smokers, heavy drinkers and those living with diagnosed or undiagnosed diabetes) and poor oral hygiene make conditions more alarming for oral health. They require intensive reviews and regular reinforcement of the message.

To summarize, here are four important takeaways for keeping your teeth strong and healthy:

  1. Brush twice a day for two minutes to remove sugars and food particles
  2. Keep the snacks to a minimum and choose mouth-healthy snacks
  3. Avoid foods and drinks that are high in added sugars.
  4. Include plenty of produce, dairy, and water in your diet.

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We’re always here to answer our patients’ questions about dental health, including its relationship with what we eat and drink. We want our patients to have all the information they need to make great, mouth-healthy choices!

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