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Dental Fillings

Fillings are the most common type of ‘restorative treatment’ used in Dental History. Restorative Fillings is a restoration process that is used to replace teeth structure that is lost due to tooth decay. Fillings are also used to repair fractured, broken, or severely worn teeth. Composite Filling’ is the most common type of white filling for restoring the tooth.

Dental Material Resin

Dental Material Resin (composite) has improved performance in the oral cavity .

Dental material Resin(composite) has improved performance in the oral cavity and is considered an aesthetic restoration since they are available in natural shades matching tooth color. The resin consists of a plastic matrix filled with ceramic or other types of fillers; so they are not considered the strongest restorative material.Therefore fillings do not last forever so it is essential that you visit the dentist regularly for further examinations. The dentist examines and monitors the integrity of your fillings during regular exams and further recommends replacing a filling if a problem is detected.

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