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Because thumb sucking affects the development of the teeth, jaw, and palate, the habit also affects how your child eats and speaks. Thumb sucking may cause speech impediments, including an inability to pronounce hard consonants.Without correct dental care, even high-quality speech therapy may not fully correct these impediments because the deformed sounds are partially caused by the shape of your child’s teeth in relation to his or her tongue.
Besides that,speech impediments may make it more difficult for your child to communicate effectively.

Thumb sucking effects do not directly harm or damage the teeth but they can cause problems in a child’s mouth, teeth alignment, and even their facial development and appearance.The recurring pressure from the excessive sucking motion causes the teeth to shift in an unnatural direction, affecting the child’s overall facial structure.
In order to correct such thumb sucking effects, orthodontic treatment needs to be done to align the teeth properly and allow the child to speak properly.

How Dentist at BHD Can Help With These Problems

The Dentist examines teeth to check for cavities signs and other dental issues,when you bring your children in for regular checkups.This is followed by the x-ray of the teeth and a thorough check-up of any orthodontic problems, such as an overbite or open bite prevailing.
Once your child reaches an appropriate age, there are several orthodontic treatments that can be opted to correct even the most serious malocclusion.Different types of braces and invisalign,can correct alignment issues successfully over time but depends on each orthodontic patient and their unique problems..

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