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Tooth sensitivity is a common problem among adults and is often triggered by consuming hot, cold, or sweet foods and drinks.Sensitivity can affect all teeth and make the whole mouth unnecessarily uncomfortable. We are proud to offer treatments which stop alleviating this problem.This condition is characterized by discomfort or pain when teeth are exposed to certain temperatures and substances. Sensitivity is often temporary and can feel like a dull ache or a sharp, sudden pain. Sometimes, pain radiates into the tooth’s nerve.

Causes and Risk Factors

Problem of sensitive teeth may arise due to a number of factors, including tooth decay near the gum line, grinding or clenching your teeth, increased age, plaque buildup, and the long-term use of alcohol-based mouthwash, which can damage the hard outer-layer of your teeth called enamel. Tooth sensitivity may also be the result of overly vigorous brushing, gum recession that exposes the root surfaces, gum disease, acidic foods, excessive whitening, and cracks or breaks along the enamel.

Sensitive Teeth Treatment

Dentists may suggest a few proven treatments to alleviate tooth sensitivity. The best treatment can be determined by identifying the cause of tooth pain. Common treatment options include:

  • Fluoride treatment.
  • Dental sealants.
  • Tooth bonding.
  • A dental inlay or crown.
  • Periodontal treatment to correct receding gums.
  • Root canal treatment to eliminate infection and pain inside of a tooth.


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