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HPV and Oral Health

Oral cancer or mouth cancer is one of the most common types of cancer. People with swollen gums, missing teeth and other signs of poor dental health are more likely to be infected orally with the human papillomavirus,HPV, a sexually transmitted virus, causes cancers of the cervix, mouth and throat. It can affect any of the soft tissues around the mouth, including the lips, cheeks, tongue and inside of the mouth.

An oral cancer screening helps to detect the disease at an early stage when there is a possibility of successful treatment and recovery.

What are the risk factors for oral cancer?

There’s no single cause of mouth cancer, but tobacco use is found to be majorly responsible for around 80% of cases. Other factors that could increase your risk include:

  • heavy alcohol consumption
  • poor nutrition
  • poor oral health and oral hygiene
  • chewing your lips or cheeks
  • sun exposure (for lip cancer)
  • Oral cancer gets more common with age and tends to affect more men than women, but it can affect people of all ages.


Some of the common signs that oral cancer may be present include:

  • a lump or swelling around your mouth, lips or throat
  • an ulcer or red or white patch in your mouth that doesn’t heal
  • bleeding from your mouth
  • part of your mouth feels numb
  • sore throat or difficulty swallowing
  • difficulty chewing or moving your tongue or jaw
  • teeth feel loose
  • changes to speech or taste


If you encounter any possible symptoms, you should see your dentist for an oral cancer screening. Regular screenings improve the chance of mouth cancer being detected early, even before any symptoms may be present.

Prevention of oral cancers should include maintaining regular dental visits for routine oral screenings – to detect any sign of cancers early, and at a curable stage.
Maintaining good oral hygiene is paramount in the prevention of oral cancers. To support a healthy immune system and maintain whole body wellness, a balanced diet, rich in fruits and vegetables that are high in antioxidants is believed to be beneficial.

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