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Cracked tooth syndrome(CTS)

Do you grind or clench your teeth? CTS occurs when your tooth fractures at an incredibly small scale, often below the gum line. Because the cracks are so small, they are difficult to diagnose and virtually impossible to see if below the gum line.
If you have a nasty toothache and found biting down on something hard, it’s time to contact Bakery Hill Denal.Don’t worry though, because the dental professionals at BHD are committed to giving you the best oral care that is available.

To find out more about cracked tooth syndrome, read on.

Here are some common sign and symptoms that indicates that you may have cracked tooth or cracked cusp syndrome:

  • Biting down or immediately afterwards in a certain localized area causes sharp pain
  • The pain goes away shortly after you have finished chewing or biting
  • You have localized sensitivity to hot or cold, and sticky, sweet, or sour foods
  • You find that you have begun favoring one side of your mouth for chewing denser food or all food


In addition to causing pain,CTS may allow nasty bacteria into the root and/or pulp chamber of the tooth. At that point, a root canal or even extraction will likely be necessary.
If you think you have cracked tooth syndrome, visit BHD before it becomes serious! If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment,contact us today on (03) 5332 3043.