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Coping With Dental Anxiety

Do You Feel Anxious about Your Dental Appointment? We’re Here to Change that.

Do you fear dental procedures or get anxious when you think of visiting a dentist? You are not alone, and a significant percentage of people around the globe experience dental fear up to an extent. As dental professionals, we understand this. Going to the dentist can be a concern for many, but it doesn’t have to be that way.


At Bakery Hill Dental, We are known for keeping promises to our patients.We promise to be non-judgmental, so you have a safe space for you to be yourself and we will appreciate you no matter what.
Many people are anxious about dental procedures due to the possibility of experiencing pain. It is important to note that advancements in dentistry in recent years have made these treatments less painful.We promise to find the least painful alternative at all times. While we cannot guarantee that all procedures will be discomfort-free, we invest heavily in technology that highly minimises the pain and discomfort that our patients might experience.

Many people suffer from dental anxiety. In fact, fear of the dentist often forces people to put off important dental treatment until an issue becomes too severe to ignore. We understand that you may feel nervous about making an appointment, but we encourage all of our patients to be proactive about their oral health. The earlier we can identify and resolve an issue, the better — it’s often possible to avoid complex procedures when problems are diagnosed quickly.


Dental phobia could be a serious issue and lead to many consequences.

People with high dental fear feel reluctant to visit the dentist when dental treatment is needed resulting in dental pain and stress.
High dental fear results in a stressful experience for dentists and patients due to the reduced cooperation of patients.
Patients who delay their visit to the dentist develop more complex dental issues that need advanced treatments.
People who do not go for regular dental check-ups and care often have low oral health. It can lead to many other overall health issues, including heart issues, stroke, dementia, diabetes, and more.
Affects quality of life.Patients may feel less confident to socialise with others, if they are suffering from bad breath or other dental issues.

Do you experience nervousness or an extreme fear of dentists when you think of having a dental examination? Do you feel physically ill when you plan to visit your dentist?

At BHD,We have a team of qualified and well experienced professionals with whom you feel comfortable discussing your concerns.Don’t be afraid to tell your dentist that you feel anxious about receiving dental treatment and ask for more information about the options to get the more clear picture.
Our promise to you is that your visit to Bakery Hill Dental will break all scary stereotypes of going to the dentist. We make it a point to make our space a safe and secure one.

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