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Canker sore,also called Aphthous ulcers, are typically painful red and puffy skin blisters or sores found on inner lips,cheeks, tongue and mouth roof. Sometimes they appear all white and sometimes yellow and sometimes they have a small red border surrounding them.Causes discomfort while a person is eating or speaking, or essentially using the part of the mouth where the canker sore exists. Canker sores usually develop from a minor injury, such as hard brushing of your teeth and gums, accidentally biting your cheek, and playing sports, or they may even result from stress.Further worsened by highly acidic or spicy foods/substances intake.

If you have a canker sore, you’ll want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Rinsing you mouth with salt water is also a great way to reduce inflammation and encourage faster healing.  To relieve the irritation, you can use a topical medication, a special mouthwash, or oral pain relievers.

How can Bakery Hill Dental help with your canker sores?

If you’ve been struggling with severe or repetitious minor outbreaks, please schedule a dental appointment. There may be underlying causes of your canker sores that need immediate diagnosis and treatment with prescribed medication.After examining your condition, our dentist may recommend or prescribe a solution to heal them faster and reduce the pain associated with canker sores.
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