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Covid 19 update: All patients are welcome to the practice. Please monitor exposure sites around town and follow the recommendations suggested. If you have any flu symptoms please inform us by phone prior to your appointment. Bring your face masks with you. Please stay safe.

Life is busy and teeth are often the last thing on your mind. That’s why our team at Bakery Hill Dental, are dedicated to look after all your dental needs so you are free to do the more important things in life. Our team of dental professionals use scientifically proven procedures and the most up to date equipment, to ensure you are getting the best treatment possible. Laser surgery, Miscroscope enhanced dentistry, electronic painless injections, fluorescence and High definition images before and after your treatment are but a few of our tools. In order to become the best Dentist in Ballarat, we have to do much more than treatment. We have to educate you in taking care of your oral health, and that is exactly what we promise to do. Call or book online today, we look forward to seeing you.

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At Bakery Hill Dental, our team of dentists and oral health professionals offer a wide range of dental treatments, each catered to your individual needs.


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    Smile Makeovers

We promised to take care of our patients…
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We offer all of the popular dental Technology.

Our fully Automated dental chairs

Our fully Automated dental chairs are the top of the line

Pain-free Anesthetic delivery

Pain-free Anesthetic delivery using the latest and greatest technology & products.

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We offer all of the popular dental treatments, including preventive exams, restorative care and cosmetic procedures, among others. For a more complete transformation, our patients are encouraged to work with our experienced Bakery Hill Dental professionals to combine multiple treatments for a complete smile makeover.


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