Dentist Ballarat : At Bakery Hill Dental, we’re here to make you smile.

Life is busy. And teeth are often the last thing on your mind. That’s why our team at Bakery Hill Dental take the time to cater to your individual dental needs, whether for General Dentistry, Cosmetic Dentistry, Tooth Whitening, Periodontal Treatment and Root Canal Treatment. We are conveniently located at 29 Victoria Street Ballarat East, opposite McDonalds, at Bakery Hill round-a-bout. We also have on-site parking – just enter from Humffray Street North.


Dentist Ballarat

Ever wished you had your own, accessible dentist? We know perfectly well how difficult finding the right fit of a doctor can be. Then there is of course the inherent busyness of life, the harsh hours of everyday work and then the kids as well. Not to mention the stress most people face when it comes to their oral health and teeth condition. We, at Bakery Hill Dental, are dedicated to bringing you the best Dentist in Ballarat – for the whole family too.

Our team of dental experts employs only the newest procedures and the most up-date equipment available, to ensure you are getting the best oral treatment available today, in the least stressful way possible. In our mind, if we are to claim to be the best Dentist Ballarat, we have to do much more than merely treat your oral ailments. We have to educate you in taking care of your oral health as well. And that is exactly what we promise to do.


Our facility, Bakery Hill Dental, Ballarat East Vic, is located conveniently at 29 Victoria Street Ballarat East, just opposite of McDonalds. You can easily access our on-site parking if you just enter from Humffray Street North.

Dental Services Ballarat

We promise to take care of your own individual dental needs, offering you the very best treatment options, by the very best Dentists in Ballarat. Our services include:

  • General Dentistry Ballarat: We can handle all your dental needs, show you the correct oral health practices and habits and walk you through all the preventive measures you need to avoid any dental emergency during the course of your life. General dentistry, brought to you by our team, for your whole family.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry Ballarat: Just what you need to get your smile better than ever before
  • Tooth Whitening Ballarat: To give you back your shiny pearls, and your happiest smile.
  • Periodontal Treatment Ballarat: Be assured, our experts are familiar with both surgical and non-surgical treatments of the condition.
  • Root Canal Treatment Ballarat: Exactly what you need to handle any abscess at the tip of the root of a tooth.

Set Up An Appointment

If you are interested in setting up an appointment, make sure you contact us today, so that we can discuss your situation further. The sooner we pinpoint your exact dental condition, the easier the treatment will be. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as the popular saying goes.

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“Fantastic service from Jeff and the entire team. I’ve had several check ups and various dental work done here and it is always completed in a highly professional manner and fully explained so you know not only what is being done but also why.”

~ Google User Review

“Thanks Dr Jeff and the team for a great experience. I came in for a general check up and filling. The wand that Jeff used for a filling was so much more comfortable than my previous dental experiences. I wont go anywhere else!”

~ Facebook User Review

Our Dental Services

At Bakery Hill Dental, our team of dentists and oral health professionals offer a wide range of dental treatments, each catered to your individual needs.

General Dentistry Ballarat
General Dentistry

Our dentists provide general dentalcare that cover a broad range

Periodontal Treatment Ballarat
Periodonal Treatment

Periodontal disease is a common disease of the gums, which

Veneers Crown Bridges Ballarat
Veneers, Crowns & Bridges

Veneers, crowns and bridges can be used for both functional and cosmetic

Root Canal Treatment Ballarat
Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment, otherwise as endodontics, is an excellent treatment

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